Krimzen is an enterprise platform designed to automate, optimize and grow your dispensary. Seamlessly manage all operations – from marketing, to point-of-sale, to inventory management, and everything in-between.

To be an outlier in the industry, we believe you need to anticipate difficulties and look to ways to redefine the the cannabis experience. Innovative technological solutions are a great way to combat age-old problems, such as product shrinkage, long wait times, poor customer experience, ineffective product promotions, lack of repeat business, poor compliance record-keeping, and surprise out-of-stock situations. With our all-in-one technology, you can fight these problems and look to the future by tapping into the enterprise’s wide range of solutions for all day-to-day activities of a dispensary.

Stellar Customer Engagement

Allow Customers to Take it Online

The Krimzen Experience Mobile App invites your patients into a sleek, virtual storefront of your dispensary.

Skip to the Front of the Line

Customers using the Krimzen Experience Mobile App can conveniently browse, research and pre-order using their smart phone.

Feel special

Make ‘em Feel Special

Feature discount pricing or limited special offers in-app to promote new products, blowout inventory or to reward loyal customers.


Real-Time ALL the Time

All inventory numbers and pricing info viewed in the Krimzen Experience App is updated in real-time. Make a change in the Krimzen administrative portal and it is INSTANTLY reflected everywhere – at the POS, in-app and on your digital menu.


Loyalty is Everything

Your customers are the life’s blood of your dispensary. Show your appreciation – AND encourage future business – by rewarding your most loyal customers. Krimzen’s built-in loyalty system makes it fun for your customers to shop with you, share their experience and return for more.

Go Ahead

Go Ahead, Be Pushy

Stop worrying that your marketing messages are ending up in the spam folder. Simply send push notifications directly to your customer’s phone instead based on their buying patterns and habits.

Point-of-Sale Done Right

The POS does far more than simply check-in patients or operate a cash drawer. The Krimzen approach to point-of-sale empowers your team to be more productive than you ever thought possible, thereby, increasing your overall sales and eliminating silly errors in the process.


Register New Patients Fast

Create a complete and fully compliant new patient account in seconds with Krimzen’s integrated identification scanner.


1-Swipe Check-In

Krimzen allows the check-In manager to verify a patient’s ID and confirm check-in with a single swipe.


Take the Difficulty Out of Budtending

Krimzen intuitive point-of-sale interface allows your Bud-tenders to fulfill orders and online pre-orders rapidly and easily. More productive Budtenders means more profit for you and a better experience for your patients.


Grow Your Business by the Numbers

Identify purchasing trends, top-selling products and your most loyal patients with Krimzen’s powerful suite of business analytics.

Powerful Inventory Management

Shut the Door on Shrinkage

Real-time inventory tracking to the last gram

No More Purchase Order Hassles

Easily manage and track purchase orders

Never Run Out of Stock Again

Customize low inventory alerts to fit your re-ordering preferences

Know More, Grow More

Generate business intelligence reports and analytics to help you make the best ordering, pricing and sales decisions for your business

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Your patients can view your product catalogue from any loca-tion and pre-order all inventory at any time since pricing and promotions are updated in real-time

Our Purpose

At Krimzen, we believe that every dispensary should be:


Highly Productive

incredibly profitable


This is only possible when all elements of the dispensary work in perfect ‘zen-like’ harmony – including staffing, technology and customer engagement.  With our enterprise solution, we strive to safeguard all these elements so that you can enjoy a peace of mind and enable your business to prosper.