Whether you are a single-store ‘mom and pop’ dispensary or a multi-state, vertically-integrated Cannabis Business Behemoth, Krimzen helps you Automate, Optimize and Grow. Our end-to-end software solution seamlessly manages all your business operations – from point-of-sale, to inventory management, to regulatory compliance, to business intelligence, and everything in-between.


How can Krimzen help you today?

I’m starting my Cannabis Business from scratch –

  • Retail Dispensary
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Processing / Extraction
  • Growing / Cultivating

– and I want Krimzen to make my life as easy and profitable as possible!

I can’t stand my current Current Cannabis Business software –

  • BioTrackTHC
  • Green Bits
  • Flowhub
  • MJ Freeway
  • Treez
  • Webjoint, etc..

– and I want to switch to Krimzen to make my life as easy and profitable as possible!

What is Krimzen?

See how Krimzen is REVOLUTIONIZING
and how the Cannabis industry does business.
LESS effort, frustration and guesswork. MORE time, profit and… ZEN!
Why haven’t you requested your Demo yet?!?

Meet the Cannabis Industry’s Most Comprehensive Business Management Solution

Krimzen seamlessly manages business operations for Retail Dispensaries, Wholesale Distributors, Product Processors and Cannabis Cultivators.

Our End-to-End Cannabis Business Platform includes:

Profit-Driven Point-of-Sale
Intelligent Inventory Optimization
At-a-Glance Visual Business Analytics
Automated, Seamless Metrc Compliance
Rock-Solid Security
‘Always In-sync’ In-store Digital Menu
Customer Pre-Order App for Android and iOS
QuickBooks ‘Full-Picture Financials’ Integration
Effortless Online Menu Management with Leafly
Employee Performance Tracking
Hassle-free Door-to-Door Delivery
‘Error Eliminating’ Barcode Scanner Technology
‘Quick-Convert’ Inventory from Bulk to Unit Sales
Marketing Suite including Custom Promotions and Targeted Customer


Why Choose Krimzen?

Don’t Just ‘Manage’ your Inventory. Make Your Inventory WORK FOR YOU

Ask any of our competitors if they handle ‘Inventory Management’ and they’ll all say, “Sure! We do that.” However, you’ll find that those systems are little better than computerized versions of outdated pen-and-paper inventory tracking.

At Krimzen, we don’t do ‘Inventory Management,’ we do INTELLIGENT INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION. Krimzen uses 21st Century algorithms and data analysis tools to give you the information you need to:

Estimate when a product will be out of stock
Make the best buying decisions based on past trends
Increase sell-through by ‘pricing your product right’
Maximize profitability by stocking the items with the best profit margins
Improve cash-flow by maintaining less inventory
Reduce product loss by easily converting bulk product to pre-packaged units

NO ONE Does Business Intelligence Like Krimzen

If you like wasting REAMS of copy paper to print out page-after-page of Reports covered with rows and columns of nearly-indecipherable numbers then we won’t stop you.

HOWEVER, if you’re like the rest of normal society then you would rather have a ridiculously fast and simple way to access the information you need most to make your business uber successful.

With Krimzen’s At-a-Glance Visual Business Analytics, you can do just that – with over 30 Interactive Graphs and Charts that can be quickly filtered and customized to your heart’s content. This gives you INSTANT, Easy-to-Interpret access to:

Product / Category Sales Trends
Employee Performance
Best / Worst Selling Products
Inventory Aging
Sales and Promotions Effectiveness
Sales Analysis by Customer Demographic
Sales Performance by Vendor
Plus DOZENS more instant-access graphs and charts

ZEN-ify your Way to Metrc INTEGRATION

Sadly, many in our industry have taken a “less is more” approach to Metrc – simply choosing “minimum legally-mandated compliance” when building their platforms.

Krimzen, on the other hand, has taken the “how can we make our customers’ lives better” approach to everything that it does – Metrc is no exception. In fact, we don’t like to call it Metrc ‘compliance’. We prefer to call it Metrc INTEGRATION.

Krimzen goes beyond minimum ‘compliance’ like gram tracking, monthly submission reports, manual syncing and complicated error logs. Krimzen uses the full POWER of Metrc to:

Automatically import Purchase Orders created by Vendors rather than manually entering them
Convert inventory from Bulk to Pre-Pack without leaving Krimzen
Easily transfer inventory between Metric-compliant Rooms and between physical Locations
Adjust inventory levels on-the-fly with Purchase Orders, Inventory Intakes and Product Conversions
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