At Krimzen, we don’t do ‘Inventory Management,’ we do INTELLIGENT INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION. Krimzen uses 21 st Century algorithms and data analysis tools to give you the information you need to make the best buying decisions, improve cash-flow, reduce product loss, increase sell-through, estimate when a product goes out of stock, and much more.

Optimize your Cannabis Supply Chain

Krimzen’s real-time Intelligent Inventory Management keeps track of your inventory, optimizes sales and predicts future demand.

Better Buying Decisions Based on Sales Trends

Stop guessing and start making informed, timely business decisions with Krimzen’s Visual Business Analytics. Krimzen provides instant, easy-to-interpret access to Sales Trends, Product Sell-through and Vendor Sales Performance to optimize your buying so you can maximize your selling.

Increase Profit Margins by ‘Stocking Right’

Before Krimzen, ‘buying low and selling high’ required fistfuls of printed reports, hours of analysis and suffering from pounding headaches. With Krimzen, everything you need to ‘Stock Right’ is right at your fingertips – instantly view all dimensions of profitability from Product to Category to Distributor to Grower.

‘Fresher’ Product + Better Cash Flow = More Growth Opportunity

Intelligent Inventory Optimization is more than just making better buying decisions and selling through existing inventory faster. It’s also about being SMART with your inventory – more frequent, smaller purchases keep your inventory fresh, your Customers pleased with your products and your cash flow high so you can invest in marketing, business growth and expansion. Do NOT let you inventory become an anchor around your neck!

Smart Ordering Using Inventory Prediction Engine

Krimzen takes the guesswork out of ordering new product and selling existing product. Krimzen’s Inventory Prediction Engine tracks prior sales to estimate future product sell-through so you don’t have to.


Track, Trace and Comply… All on Auto-Pilot

Krimzen’s robust Metrc integration reduces human error, automates inventory tracking and keeps your business compliant.

Custom Low-Inventory and Out-of-Stock Alerts

Stay on top of your inventory with Krimzen’s customizable Low-Inventory and Out-of-Stock Alerts. No more surprises, no more delays, no more ordering hassles.

Real-time Inventory Sync – Menu, Leafly, App and Beyond

Inventory ‘Management’ is simply bean counting what’s in the vault. Intelligent Inventory Optimization is all about harnessing the POWER of your inventory to Drive Promotions, Attract New Customers and Reward Loyal Customers. THAT is the Power of Krimzen.

Goodbye, Reports. He-l-l-o, Visual Business Analytics!

Columns of numbers printed on reams of paper are great… IF you’re a fan of headaches and paper cuts! The Krimzen solution to traditional reporting is our Visual Business Analytics – all your data, trends, information and analysis beautifully displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Harness the Power of Metrc Compliance

Krimzen goes beyond minimum ‘compliance’ like gram tracking, monthly submission reports, manual syncing and complicated error logs. Krimzen uses the full POWER of Metrc to automatically import Purchase Orders, convert inventory from Bulk to Pre-Pack and easily transfer inventory from room to room and location to location.

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