Sadly, many in our industry have taken a “less is more” approach to Metrc. Krimzen, on the other hand, has taken the “how can we make our customers’ lives better” approach to Metrc. In fact, we don’t like to call it Metrc ‘compliance’. We prefer to call it Metrc INTEGRATION.

Track, Trace and Comply… All on Auto-Pilot

Krimzen’s robust Metrc integration reduces human error, automates inventory tracking and keeps your business compliant.

Krimzen Unleashes the Power of Metrc to Zen-ify Your Business

Metrc is more than just rules and regulations and compliance. In the right (i.e. Krimzen’s!) hands, Metrc is a powerful communication tool that brings Growers, Distributors, Processors and Retailers together to automate many of your repetitive daily tasks.

No More Manual RE-entry of Purchase Orders

Krimzen takes full advantage of Metrc’s two-way syncing capability to automatically import Purchase Order details. This saves time and reduces human error associated with manually RE-entering each and every Purchase Order.

Easy-Peasy Conversion of Bulk Product to Pre-Pack

Krimzen’s step-by-step Product Conversion Wizard walks you through the process of converting bulk inventory to pre-packaged units. No more swapping between your inventory management system and the Metrc website.

Fast, Efficient (and COMPLIANT!) Inventory Transfers

Krimzen takes full advantage of Metrc’s Multi-Room and Multi-Store capabilities to simplify the process of relocating inventory – any product can be moved quickly and easily from any Room in any Store to any other Room in any other Store all with a click of a button.

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