Whether you are a single-store ‘mom and pop’ dispensary or a multi-store operation, Krimzen’s Point of Sale was built with a PURPOSE – to bring the ‘Zen’ back to your business. Reduce wait times, speed up transactions, improve sales, minimize product loss and deliver the absolute best customer service experience for the life-blood of your business, your customers.

Customize Point of Sale to your Heart’s Content

Our fully-customizable Point of Sale puts you in the driver’s seat.

Budtender vs. Cashier Sale Completion

With Krimzen you can choose to have every Budtender operate their own cash register OR designate a single Cashier to complete all sales.

Fixed POS Stations vs. Roving Budtenders

With Krimzen you can customize your Point of Sale to have cash registers fixed in place like you see in grocery stores OR ‘Roving Budtenders’ helping customers with handheld iPads like at the Apple Store.

Take Control of User Permissions

With several distinct User Roles ranging from very limited Check-in / Check-out Only all the way to full-fledged Administrator, Krimzen allows you complete control over who can access your system and how.

Off-the-Shelf Inexpensive Hardware

All Krimzen hardware can be purchased quickly and easily from leading retailers – whether locally or online. The Krimzen Point of Sale uses readily-available iPads and all administration can be done from any internet-capable browser. No more expensive proprietary devices that take weeks to replace. No more extensive employee training – your employees already know how to use an iPad!


Point of Sale with the Customer in Mind

Krimzen makes it easy to treat your Customers like gold.

1-Click New Customer Registration

Krimzen uses the camera on your Point of Sale iPad to scan the barcode on the back of a customer’s drivers license. This allows you to register a New Customer in SECONDS.

Mobile Pre-Order App

With Krimzen your Customers can Browse your inventory, View your Specials Offers, Earn Rewards for Customer Loyalty and Place an Order online for quick and easy pickup.

Hassle-Free Door-to-Door Delivery

With Krimzen you can offer your Customers delivery right to their home or office. Don’t want to deal with the headache of managing delivery? No problem. Use one of Krimzen’s Partners to do the heavy lifting for you. Now, that’s what we call ‘Zen’!

Custom-Built Special Offers

Krimzen’s robust Special Offer Engine allows you to custom tailor Promotions, Special Offers and Discounts to turn your Customers into Fans. Segment your Customers into Customer Groups – like Seniors, Veterans and Students – or craft Promotions targeted towards specifics demographics or interests or buying habits.

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