With over 30 Interactive Graphs and Charts that can be quickly filtered and endlessly customized, Krimzen gives you INSTANT, Easy-to-Interpret access to your most business-critical information including Sales Trends, Inventory Aging, Employee Performance, Effectiveness of Sales and Promotions and MUCH more.

Easy, INSTANT Answers to Business-Critical Questions

Krimzen’s At-a-Glance Visual Analytics provides a ridiculously fast and simple way to access the information you need to make your business uber successful.

Goodbye, Reports. He-l-l-o, Visual Business Analytics!

Columns of numbers printed on reams of paper are great… IF you’re a fan of headaches and paper cuts! The Krimzen solution to traditional reporting is our Visual Business Analytics – all your data, trends, information and analysis beautifully displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Use Sales Trends to Make the Most Informed Buying Decisions

Stop guessing and start making informed, timely business decisions with Krimzen’s Visual Business Analytics. Krimzen provides instant, easy-to-interpret access to Sales Trends, Product Sell-through and Vendor Sales Performance to optimize your buying so you can maximize your selling.

Track Effectiveness of Sales and Promotions

Krimzen provides everything you need to quickly and easily assess the effectiveness of Sales and Promotions. Go beyond simple sales metrics and drill-down to which categories, products, days of the week, times of the day produce the best Return on Investment.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Every successful Cannabis Business Owner knows that marketing can spell the difference between ‘surviving’ and ‘success’. In the days before Krimzen, marrying up the best marketing strategy with the right product was an exercise in guesswork and frustration. With Krimzen’s Visual Business Analytics, you can now quickly and easily compare the effectiveness of marketing and promotional campaigns.


Krimzen Takes the Guesswork and Frustration
Out of Running Your Cannabis Business

Krimzen provides all the tools you need to grow your business… quickly, simply and Zen-fully.

Eliminate the Frustration (and paper cuts!) of Printed Reports

Krimzen’s 21 st Century approach to performance data and business intelligence is to replace page-after-page of printed reports, gigantic PDFs and endless spreadsheets with beautiful, easy-to-read Charts and Graphs. Everything you need, INSTANTLY and EASILY.

Make the Most of your Employees and Team Members

It’s almost impossible to hit a target that you can’t see. Krimzen gives you – At-a- Glance – everything you need to track employee performance so you can inspire your team to higher heights of Cannabis Business Zuccess.

Know (Your Customers) More, Grow (Your Business) More

Krimzen takes the guesswork out of pleasing your customers. Using Krimzen’s Visual Business Analytics, you can quickly and easily drill-down to which customers are most inclined to purchase which types of products, which products and from which Vendors.

Krimzen’s Inventory Stocking Prediction Engine

Krimzen takes the guesswork out of ordering new product and selling existing product. Krimzen’s Inventory Prediction Engine tracks prior sales to estimate future product sell-through so you don’t have to. A ‘Report’ can tell you how much inventory you have on hand. Krimzen’s Inventory Stocking Prediction Engine tells you how long it will take to sell through on that inventory. Which would you rather have?

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